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Contact Me

PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR FULL NAME, ADDRESS AND PHONE NUMBER ON ALL ORDERS.    PAYPAL DOES NOT GIVE ME Y0UR ADDRESS.  i DO NOT accept attachments, do not send attachments or camera shots of your order.   my computer does not like them.  ADD ONS WILL not be accepted either, just tooo easy to make errors.    NEW DELICA SIZE 11 CUTS/HEX #31, 35, AND 38 now in stock

SAMPLE ORDER, DELICA SIZE 11,  1. GRAM,  #34, 567, 2015. ETC
5 GRAMS, #34, 567, 2015, ETC  12.5 GRAMS  #45, 567, ETC,   40 GRAMS, #45, 78, ETC.

   The beads are packaged in zip lock bags.

Itemized Invoices are NOT sent with your order, if you insist on one, then you will not receive the discount.    Prices are on this website.  JULY and AUGUST SPECIAL  receive 25% discount  Postage and insurance fees are non-refundable.    I no longer accept INTERNATIONAL orders. I CAN credit your account for beads returned, if you want a refund, then there is a 10% restocking fee.  PAYPAL PREFERRED i accept all credit cards also.   I only charge actual postage.  ORDERS placed AFTER june 1, 2019 will not include insurance unless you ASK for insurance.  If a package is lost , Painters Art Gallery is not repsonsible.  You can go to USPS.COM and track the number OR put in a claim at your post office OR on line at USPS.COM.



PHONE 360 569 2644  CALL after 12:00 noon my time


WRITEUP AND BLURBS IN    Sunset Magazine, The Artists Magazine,  Southwest Art Magazine, American Artist of Renown (book), Artists Market (book),Eatonville Dispatch, Tacoma News Tribune, Favell Art Museum in Oregon