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Hello world!

Hello world!

Welcome to Painters Art Gallery, located 5 miles from Mt. Rainier National Park in Ashford, Washington.

IN STOCK   Nymo size B bobbins    black or white $1.35

NEW    DELICA SIZE 11  CUTS/HEX   #31, 35 AND 38

MISC findings, please ask.

All colors of Delica size 10, 11, and 15 are in stock.    Also TOHO AIKO size 11.

MAY SPECIAL 25% off of the prices for DELICA and TOHO AIKO beads.        whoo hoo

Send orders to   OR- OR go to CONTACT ME and put your order in the comments box, dont forget to click on SUBMIT

PROCESS=I get your order, I fill your order THEN I send you a paypal bill, soon as you pay, the order will go in the mail.  yes, i will fill APO orders.   Be sure i have your current address, paypal does not give me your address.   i DO NOT accept attachments

INTERNATIONAL ORDERS    FILLING international orders again, $50 minimum order due to increased paperwork at my post office.

I only charge you what the post office charges me.  No hidden charges.