Hello world!

Hello world!

Welcome to Painters Art Gallery, located 5 miles from Mt. Rainier National Park in Ashford, Washington.

IN STOCK   Nymo size B bobbins    black $2.10, white $1.70, ASH $2.00.

NEW    DELICA SIZE 11  CUTS/HEX   #31, 35 AND 38

MISC findings, NEEDLES size 12 sharps $4.50 pack,, big eye needle $1.20 each,  4 and 1/2 inch looming needles=$1.00 each.  All beads are packaged in zip lock bags.

All colors of Delica size 10, 11, and 15 are in stock.    Also TOHO AIKO size 11.

Send orders to  mtwoman2@centurytel.net

my address is   painters art gallery, 30517 state route 706 E.      Ashford, wa  98304     phone 360 569 2644

PROCESS=I get your order, I fill your order THEN I send you a paypal bill,  yes, i will fill APO orders.   Be sure i have your current address, paypal does not give me your address.

I only charge you what the post office charges me.  No hidden charges.

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    1. most have been around $10 BUT IT depends on the weight and i have no
      way of knowing until i fill your order and go to the post office to get
      postage fees.

  1. Joan, Love the new web site. so much better and easy to find things. Your old one just had to many cooks! ( I should know I was one) Good Job! proud of you.

  2. I just want to thank you for answering my questions so quickly. I am looking forward to ordering from you, customer service is an A+ and that says something about your online store.

  3. Is it possible to visit your gallery and purchase beads at it? I live in the Seattle area and would love to make a day trip to get beads from you. Thanks!

    1. sorry, i just now saw your comment here. yes, you can visit the gallery. all the beads are
      on display for your choosing be sure to let me know when you are coming so i will be
      here for you. i do not keep strict store hours…..you can also contact me on facebook, or phone

  4. Thank you Ms Joan for all you do. I appreciate you adding that forgotten color to my order. Looking forward to this order.

  5. Hello Joan,
    I am trying to call you but get busy signal. This is about the iPhone left in your store on Tuesday, August 7. Please call me today so we can get details straight. We will reimburse you for postage and for your trouble. 360-480-5565.

  6. Joan, if you have a mailing list, I’d like to be added! I want to thank you 1000 x over for having the Delica list – this will allow me to take a look at all my old patterns and see what I need to make these in beadwork! Happy day!!

    1. i put aside the orders i am filling to look for your order. Found it,
      there are 5 people in front of you, been working on orders all day, and
      should be able to mail it friday tomorrow you have a happy july 4th.

  7. Thank you Joan for all you do. I really appreciate that I can order the amount of beads needed for a project and saving money. Happy Sunday🌸

  8. I was looking at your site a friend of mine Janda Mueller turned me on to. how do I figure out the cost for 10 grams of size 11 BD0230 AND how do I go about org l ordering from you. I’m excited that you have such a vast inventory

  9. Hi Joan
    Just found your new website. Is there any way to see the colors of the beads? Do you take any payment other than pay pal? Last question, do you have gift certificates?
    I want to thank you again for all you’ve done for me. Your the best, you go above and beyond for your customers. I’ve been unable to bead for awhile but I’m getting back in to it again and will need more Delicas soon. I just need to try to organize what I have and figure out what I need.
    Thanks for all you do
    I have a new email, not jagfan anymore.

    1. i have gift certificates. if you send me credit card information
      i can use that for payment. i do not have color pictures but you
      can google bead sites for colors, caravanbeads.com has wonderful
      color information and they carry other supplies that you may need

  10. I need to purchase some Miyuki seed beads (size 15) to match my existing Miyuki delicas (size 11). When shopping online the colors and finish can be deceiving. Any words of advice for me?

    1. do not pay any attention to the color description, the number is what
      you want, the number in DELICAS is the same no matter what size you order

    2. do not look at color descriptions, different importers from miyuki have different
      descriptions for the same color number. the number of the bead is the SAME no
      matter who you order from. the color number is the same in all sizes

  11. Hello Joan, I hope this finds you well. I just wanted to check with you that I submitted my bead order correctly on Tuesday, December 18th. I submitted my order using the email address provided with my comment. If there is any further information that I can provide, please do not hesitate to let me know. Thank you for your time.
    Happy Holidays to you and yours–Cassandra

  12. Was referred to you by Mel Tucker. Can you give me an approximate number count in 1G, 2 G, 3G. ???
    Am I right that 5 G is approximately 1000. And 7.5G is approximately 1500. ??

    1. DMC is embroidery thread, those numbers on my website are suggestions
      for a color match. Extremely few colors are exact matches so you the
      color numbers i typed are for reference only.

  13. First time ordering and after weather issues this week Joan made it to the post office to ship! Thank you for getting my package to me before I go away!

  14. Joan, I make ornaments for my grandkids every Christmas. I found a pattern I like for this year, but it calls for mostly silver lined beads. I have seen some pieces of jewelry that people have made with silver lined beads that looks awful after a few years, as if the silver had tarnished. Is this your experience? I worry about substituting because I made a peyote bracelet with some substitutions, but had to backtrack when the new beads were too large because of the finish. For example, gold plated instead of silver lined gold (ended up using a matte gold). I welcome your advice.

    1. sorry, i have no clue, i suggest you contact miyuki co for more
      information……i do not make jewelry, only picture beading,

  15. Joan, just checking that the numbers under the gram amounts are prices. It’s been a while since I purchased beads, and I’m not up-to-date on price ranges. Thank you.

  16. Hi, Joan! I’d like to place an order, but was wondering if the COVID-19 crisis is affecting your order shipments?

  17. Hello, I am new to peyote beading and was given you as very knowledgeable. I would like delicas beads (Size 11) in a 24 sample size if you could put a package like that together for me of basic colors, big eye needles 3-size 10, nymo thread size B or D of one white and one tan.

  18. Hu Joan I used to live in Ashford and use to come to you shop all the time and find treasures. I will be in the area and would love to stop into your shop but not sur if you are open due to the virus. Please let me know would love to come in and say hi and buy something.

  19. I am not familiar with the DB numbers, do you have some way that I can see the colors? You prices are great and I would love to order some .
    Thank you

  20. Hi! Having trouble sending my order. Just had to get the new aol, so something is probably messed up with that. Do you have another email or something I could send to?

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