Hello world!

Hello world!

Welcome to Painters Art Gallery, located 5 miles from Mt. Rainier National Park in Ashford, Washington.

IN STOCK   Nymo size B bobbins    black or white $1.35

NEW    DELICA SIZE 11  CUTS/HEX   #31, 35 AND 38

MISC findings, please ask.

All colors of Delica size 10, 11, and 15 are in stock.    Also TOHO AIKO size 11.

MAY SPECIAL 25% off of the prices for DELICA and TOHO AIKO beads.        whoo hoo

Send orders to   OR- OR go to CONTACT ME and put your order in the comments box, dont forget to click on SUBMIT

PROCESS=I get your order, I fill your order THEN I send you a paypal bill, soon as you pay, the order will go in the mail.  yes, i will fill APO orders.   Be sure i have your current address, paypal does not give me your address.   i DO NOT accept attachments

INTERNATIONAL ORDERS    FILLING international orders again, $50 minimum order due to increased paperwork at my post office.

I only charge you what the post office charges me.  No hidden charges.

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    1. most have been around $10 BUT IT depends on the weight and i have no
      way of knowing until i fill your order and go to the post office to get
      postage fees.

  1. Joan, Love the new web site. so much better and easy to find things. Your old one just had to many cooks! ( I should know I was one) Good Job! proud of you.

  2. I just want to thank you for answering my questions so quickly. I am looking forward to ordering from you, customer service is an A+ and that says something about your online store.

  3. Is it possible to visit your gallery and purchase beads at it? I live in the Seattle area and would love to make a day trip to get beads from you. Thanks!

    1. sorry, i just now saw your comment here. yes, you can visit the gallery. all the beads are
      on display for your choosing be sure to let me know when you are coming so i will be
      here for you. i do not keep strict store hours… can also contact me on facebook, or phone

  4. Thank you Ms Joan for all you do. I appreciate you adding that forgotten color to my order. Looking forward to this order.

  5. Hello Joan,
    I am trying to call you but get busy signal. This is about the iPhone left in your store on Tuesday, August 7. Please call me today so we can get details straight. We will reimburse you for postage and for your trouble. 360-480-5565.

  6. Joan, if you have a mailing list, I’d like to be added! I want to thank you 1000 x over for having the Delica list – this will allow me to take a look at all my old patterns and see what I need to make these in beadwork! Happy day!!

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