Order Information:

Order Information:

DELICA size 10,  11,  15 and TOHO AIKOS AND TOHO ROUNDS are in stock.   .

Please send all orders to mtwoman2@centurytel.net  12-25-2023 OR if email not working send orders to facebook messenging (joan painter) im wearing pink hat and white blouse. I do not need color description, just the number of the bead.   Located 5 miles from mt. rainier national park  30517 s, r, 706 e.  ashford, wa 98304.    PHONE 360 569 2644
1, 3, 56, 789, etc
2, 45, 67, 2020, etc.

7 GRAMS=#15, 65, ETC

I will send you a paypal bill AFTER i fill your order.    Send me your current address and phone number, paypal does NOT give it to me     All beads are packaged in zip lock bags.  100 bags 1 1/2 x 2 inch sells for $2.00, 2 x 2=$2.00, 2 x 3=$2.00,  LIMIT OF 100 colors of one gram to each order.

i do NOT accept attachments or camera shots of your order.      Itemized invoices are not included.   Postage and insurance are non-refundable.   NO INTERNATIONAL  orders INCLUDING CANADA.  If a package is lost, painters art gallery is not responsible.  Please go to USPS.COm   to file a claim or to track a number or file a claim at your post office if you bought insurance.

You can order in multiples of grams, and up to any amount you need.  250 gram packs OF ONE COLOR EACH  are 20 percent off the website  REGULAR price.   NEW in stock delica size 11 cuts/hex #31,  35, and 38.   NYMO THREAD size B, BLACK 2.25, WHITE 2.25, ASH 2.25.  NEEDLES size 12 sharp $4.95 pack of 25.  big eye $1.20 ea,  4 1/2 inch loom needles $1.00 ea.  LIMIT of 100 colors in one gram packages per order.

WRITEUPS AND BLUBS in southwest art mag, sunset mag, american artists of renown, artists market, Favel art museum, Omak, wa museum.

DB0001-to-DB0099 DB100-to-DB199 DB0200-to-DB0299 DB0300-to-DB0399
DB0400-to-DB0499 DB0500-to-DB0599 DB0600-to-DB0699 DB0700-to-DB0799
DB0800-to-DB0899 DB0900-to-DB0999 DB1000-to-DB1099 DB1100-to-DB1199
DB1200-to-DB1299 DB1300-to-DB1399 DB1400-to-DB1499 DB1500-to-DB1599
DB1600-to-DB1699 DB1700-to-DB1799 DB1800-to-DB1899 DB1900-to-DB1999
DB2000-to-DB2099 DB2100-to-DB2199 DB2200-to-DB2299 DB2300-to-DB2600